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Geocaching at Tamanawa Falls

September 14, 2009

One of the reasons I love Geocaching so much is that it takes me to so many beautiful places. Last weekend I went caching with my Dad, his girlfriend and my 8-year-old brother. We did a 3-mile roundtrip hike on the Eastern side of Mt. Hood. Here are the grainy camera phone photos I took while I was there. Just imagine how much more beautiful these photos would have been if I’d had a nice camera:











My grizzliness is awesome

September 3, 2009

This morning a behind the scenes look of our workplace went up on YouTube. Since FailBlog is one of the top channels on YouTube, the video has been featured on the front page, guaranteeing that thousands of people will see it in the first day and probably millions by the end of the month.

Having read many of the comments on the YouTube page and on the Fail Blog page, I would like to respond to some of them:

sad part is that people pay thousands of dollars and spend years in college, just to end up doing this. life is stupid.
I have to explain to my parents every day why I’m working at a Web site that doesn’t sell anything. It helps that we have merch now, but they still just don’t get it. It’s a lot better than most jobs I’ve had though and at least I’m not unemployed like my brothers.

“Wtf, Was that guy on the far left of that table working without a shirt?”
Correct, I took off my shirt for the video in order to show off my favorite sweater.

How does the gene for the hairy back get passed on in this day and age. If I were a female there would be no way I would have “relations” with a hairy-backed male.
Do you remember the 80’s at all? Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, and David Hasselhoff were heroes. The girls who were kids in the 80’s, worshiping at the alter of masculinity are all growed up now. Guess who fills those shoes.


When i was watching i was like, did that guy have his shirt off? no.. Yes, and it was creepy.
Why is it creepy? Have you ever just hung out with your shirt off? So refreshing and liberating. Besides, I’m comfortable with my body. I love being me… shirtless. As soon as it gets warm outside in the spring, the shirtless-Sunday season starts. I’ve gone days without wearing one.
If I were fit like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, sitting there shirtless, would you still be creeped out?


wow, its bigger than i thought
Thank you 😉

That place is a mess.
By “a mess” did you mean totally awesome? Did you see Quato, my deformed panda?


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I’ll save that drama for another day…

September 2, 2009

I have a pretty big gripe that’s been brewing between my roommate and I for the past few months, but I’d like to stew on it for at least another day, so instead there’s this amazing video:


And today’s…

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The beatings will continue until moral improves

September 1, 2009

When I was growing up my Stepdad would tell me how lucky I had it when getting disciplined. According to him, his Mom used to give him a pair of scissors and send him out into the field behind their house to pick a willow switch.

Picking a willow switch looked something like this...

Picking a willow switch looked something like this...

When he returned, she would judge the length of time it took him to retrieve the branch, the girth of the branch he chose, and the severity of punishment he deserved. Then she would swat his ass with that branch for how many ever strokes she deemed him worthy. Apparently this continued with less and less frequency whenever he needed discipline well into his teen years. Even as he got older and stronger, he knew that if he smarted off or resisted Mom during these beatings that he would have to answer to Dad.

Even though I hated my Stepdad as a kid, as an adult I look back on those times and realize he meant right and that he’s the most responsible, funny, well-adjusted person I know. He also loved his mother dearly until the day she passed about 10 years ago. There are still things that shake him up when he’s reminded of her. Her discipline did not effect his love for her.

Those stories were usually enough to scare me into being a good kid, although on occasion I remember getting my ass swatted. Even though I got spanked a handful of times I turned out to be a pretty decent individual – I have a job, I’m self-sufficient, I live on my own and I’m a law abiding citizen.

My Grandmother still gives kids a light tap on the ass when they don’t behave. It works wonders on my cousin’s kids and other children that come for a visit. They’ll come over, run amok for about an hour, and then Grandma will grab them by the shoulder, whip them around and give them just a little swat on the backside. I’ve never seen a better attitude adjuster in all my life.

Grandma’s spanks are the equivalent of a football player ass-pat, but that look of surprise is one that could only be achieved by a kid that’s never been physically disciplined in their life. The spankings are usually followed by a few sniffles, some deep contemplation, and finally, a well-adjusted child that behaves.


So, what’s so wrong with an ass-swatting here and there? Why don’t parents discipline their kids anymore? In moderation I don’t see any problem with it. What’s other people’s take on it?

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Waterskiing Elephants!
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