NES games versus real life

I tried to continue the Saga of Kahn, however, I found it hard not to use Game Genie. I’ll still continue to play, but I’ve moved on and probably won’t be blogging about it anymore.
Wandering the landscape looking for experience and gold makes the game incredibly slow and tedious. As a kid I always used the “Almost Infinite Gold” Game Genie code to speed up the game so that later levels were a challenge and doing that now proved to be too much of a time-suck again this time.
Instead I’ve moved onto Bard’s Tale, which I was too impatient to play as a kid and am finding out now that even though I enjoy it, I can’t commit to more than a few dungeon crawls at a time.
Instead I’ll be focusing on things like improving my performance at work and improving my overall health.


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One Response to “NES games versus real life”

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:

    Well, dungeon crawling SOUNDS physically exerting and could improve your overall health, but I’m guessing you’re not referring to ACTUAL dungeon crawling.

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