Saga of Khan: My Quest to beat the original Final Fantasy

As a kid, the original Final Fantasy was one of my all-time favorite games. Recently, I discovered a copy of Final Fantasy. I started playing and soon realized that I still remember much of the tactics and storyline of the game.

I decided that I would traverse the game without any of the guides, Game Genie codes, maps or cheat sheets that I had growing up. This time, it would be just me and the game. Thus was born…


Tonight, my elite team of Final Fantasy characters were born.


Kahn is the name I almost always chose for my Fighter as a kid – it felt only fitting to name my quest after him. He will be the champion of this quest, leading me to victory!
Kahn’s first pieces of equipment are an Iron Hammer for weapon and chain armor. He would have gotten a rapier, however, I bought the iron for another character who couldn’t equip it. Already I’m running into issues with not having the guides…


To commemorate the era in my life when I was most actively playing the game, I chose the name Alf. This quest will be long and hard without all of the monster guides, maps and stored knowledge of the game that I had as a kid. Alf the white mage will assist with healing and reviving our heroes on this long, hard journey.
Alf’s first weapon is a wooden staff and his first armor is cloth. He probably won’t get an upgrade for some time, since the early stage weapons and armor suck for mages. This means not only will his magic be useless unless someone needs healed, he’ll also be useless for attacking…


Staving off hoards will be much easier with Tim the Enchanter. No team would be complete without a character versed in the dark arts. I chose a black mage over red because I remember being annoyed as a kid when my red mage’s power either with weaponry or magic would stagnate in the later stages of the game.
Tim also received cloth for armor. I felt that he would be best utilized for magic, so I skipped getting him a weapon and instead bought him a fire spell and a lightning spell.


I’m not sure why I made Yarf a thief, other than that I remember hating the black belts and always felt it was too easy to progress through the game with another mage or fighter. Yarf was bestowed his title since every team needs a guy with a silly name.
Yarf originally received the iron hammer as a weapon, but thieves can’t use them (at least not this early in the game), but luckily he could equip Kahn’s rapier and vice versa. I almost bought him some armor but thought better of it and had him try on Kahn’s chain, which he couldn’t equip. Instead he starts with some cloth.

Beginning the Game:

I remember having to walk north to save a princess. That’s my first goal, but first supplies.

As soon as I ventured a distance from the Castle, I realized that Tim would need more than just his magic. He only has 2 spells and can’t punch worth shit, so he can only get in 1 or 2 fights before he becomes totally worthless. Back to the castle. Tim gets a dagger.

Tonight my heroes stay at level 2. Tomorrow night, the quest continues.


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